Advertisement Design sec.

Advertisement Design sec.

We assist customers with “Improving Customer Attraction” through sign-board and wrapping service.

Try even from 1 sheet.We provide total management from design proposal or budget proposal to final installation.
Just contact us first when you think "I want to do that"…

Main handling business

  • ■Producing signboards or displays
  • ■Producing sales promotion displays for inside and outside stores
  • ■Producing various signboard designs
  • ■Producing and output of digital portrait

Case study

■Vending Machines

Wrapping the vending machine in the original design may produce a gorgeous effect.
We offer a vending machine that appeals seasonal products to sell more!

■Vending Machines
■Original Stickers

You can order as many sheets as you want when you need the original stickers.
You may use for various purpose depending on ideas, like novelties, display use, event goods, etc.

■Original Stickers
■Magnet sheet

Because of a magnetic sheet, you can easily put when necessary and can easily remove off.It is convenient for separating private cars and company cars.
You can make an advertisement when you simply put a magnet sheet with your company name and URL on your car.

■Magnet sheet
■Solvent Ink Jet Special Sheet (Laminated PVC sheet)

You may select from the following three types. (1 square meter unit, 1m x 1m)

Medium term (till 3 years) JPY3,500 or above Medium-long term / Long term (3-7 years) JPY4,500 or above
  • ※Medium term / Medium-long term / Long term notation is just a guideline, and it is not a guarantee.
  • ※Above prices are just reference only.
  • ※Prices depend on required detail or usage condition, so let us quote each time.
■Solvent Ink Jet Special Sheet (Laminated PVC sheet)

Digital Portrait!

You can use it from portrait to various business tools such as stickers, sign boards, or other displays.We also design & produce original characters, so kindly just call us.

Portrait fee JPY4,800 or above
1st order Sticker JPY7,300 Sticker print fee JPY2,500 or above Portrait fee JPY4,800 or above

Ordering Process

  1. Step1

    Please feel free to contact us by e-mail or telephone first.(F.O.C.)

  2. Step2

    We will listen to your specific requests, budgets, or current problems. (F.O.C.)

  3. Step3
    Proposal & Quotation

    We will submit our proposal / quotation based on the previous hearing(F.O.C.)

  4. Step4

    We produce according to your order details.

  5. Step5

    We will carry and place it in the place you requested

There are cases where charged separately.

  • Designing fee shall be required separately.
  • Designing fee shall be free if complete data is provided. (Should be provided by Adobe Illustrator)
  • Delivery charge shall be required separately.
  • Reference prices are not including consumption tax.