Label and Vanning Sec.

Logistics Sec.

We are engaged in a logistics support service business that undertakes the necessary operations for overseas exports.

Mainly we undertake the business of sticking the food component labeling sticker required for overseas exports to products and the vanning business which is preparation for shipment.

Sticker application

Logistics Support Service

We keep a workshop in the Kakogawa public wholesale market, and mainly provide services such as putting food ingredient indication labels on those food products necessary for export.
We have capability to put 200,000 labels on those food products, and we proceed our works to meet customers’ request even for short delivery.
Moreover, we do work with extreme care so as not to damage to those items we have kept from customers.

Vanning business

Logistics Support Service

Vanning is the work of packing cargo into a container by forklift or manual work.
We provide a service for vanning and shipping products with stickers that are necessary for overseas export.
We work very carefully so as not to damage the valuable products we receive from our customers.